Brief Introduction

  Centre for Chinese Urbanization Studies is a key research institute of humanities and social sciences under the Ministry of Education. Formerly known as China Rural Urbanization Research Center when it was established in December 2004, it was renamed as such in March 2009 with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

  Since its establishment, the center has been oriented towards researches on urbanization paths and policies with Chinese characteristics with a view to meeting the strategic requirements of China’s development. Over the years, in an effort to promote national and local economic and social development, the center has had many research papers published and has completed various research programs at provincial, ministerial and national levels, providing solid theoretical frameworks as well as practical cases that can advise related government departments in their decision-making. The center is located in the Yangtze River Delta, south of Jiangsu Province in particular, which is also known as a model region spearheading China’s urbanization. With a research focus on local experiences in urbanization, the center has established a database with unique characteristics based on comprehensive investigations and thorough longitudinal researches and has issued special topic reports to promote such urbanization experience. The center has seven research sub-institutes with over 60 full-time and part-time researchers from not only Soochow University, but also other universities both at home and abroad. Over the years, the center has been carrying on the legacy of Mr. Fei Xiaotong, the famous expert on China’s urbanization and through its arduous efforts and pioneering spirits it has established a strong academic strength in urbanization researches that demonstrate distinctive features.

   Based on Ph.D. programs, key disciplines and post-doctoral research stations in areas of economics, political science, education, law, history and philosophy, the center endeavors to attract high-level talents with international academic backgrounds, experts undertaking research programs sponsored by the National Social Science Fund and young professors and doctorate holders with strong academic potentials to engage in comprehensive and multi-disciplinary researches on China’s urbanization. In conducting systematic researches on its theoretical basis, historic development, realization paths as well as similarities and differences between China’s urbanization and Western urbanization, we aim to build a research center with both domestic and global reputation that can act as an information center and talent incubator to inform China’s urbanization researches.

Leading Official

Director: QIAN Zhenming

Executive Deputy Director: YU Yulan

Deputy Directors of Administration: ZHONG Jing

Contact Information

Zipcode: 215301

Address: Lingyun Building, East Campus of Soochow University

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 506, East Campus of Soochow University, No.50 Donghuan Street, Suzhou

Phone: 0512-67160103